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The Family

Our family consists of Mum (Debbie), Dad (Stuart), Daniel born 14th February, 2000, Nathan born 4th February, 2002 and Lauren born 27th April, 2004. As you may have guessed our affix is made up of the beginning of our two boys' names (as we didn't have Lauren then), NAT ra DAN. Below are the dogs we have owned over the years and their own special stories.

Photo of Nathan, Lauren and Daniel

Nathan, Lauren and Daniel


Storm is the newest addition to our family. We spent a great deal of time looking for a new German Shepherd puppy and we eventually found exactly what we wanted from the same breeder that Zeus came from. After her initial couple of days settling in, she became a bouncy lively little lady. She has now turned into a beautiful, graceful dog. We have high hopes for Storm, she has a fantastic temperament and is very gentle. We are hopeful that her progeny will follow in her and Zeus' footsteps. Storm loves attention and, if given strokes and cuddles, she will be your friend for life.

Photo of Storm



Having retired Sky we left it a few months and then started looking for another female to complete our home. We did spend quite a lot of time looking at many different dogs, to no avail. One day by chance I looked on Marinitas web site and on her for sale page was a lovely looking female named Lacey (Sunshine Lass) We decided to travel over to Newcastle to see her. One look was all it took, she was beautiful and I loved her so that day we brought her home. We had taken our youngest child (Lauren) with us to see how they got on and by the time we left Lauren was sneaking pieces of cheese to Lacey!! When we arrived home both the boys and Zeus thought Lacey was amazing, they all played together and from that day on Lacey has settled in perfectly.

Photo of Lacey



After Rebel went we just had Sky for quite a long time and we started to want another dog around. We also thought that it would be good for Sky to have another friend. So we started to look for a male. We had quite a few limitations in mind. Obviously he had to be extremely good with young children and I wanted an older dog not a puppy. Also I knew the sort of colouring and look that I wanted. I emailed Dave at Millaner and he was going to re-home one of his ten month old dogs, so we went to see him. I found out that his father was Wasko Von Aducht, a dog that we had looked at on a web site and loved. When we got to Dave's, Zeus came out and he was everything I wanted. He ignored the children which was great, he had the look, the colour and the temperament we were looking for so needless to say he came home with us that day. From that day to this he has been a wonderful dog to own and we love having him around.

Photo of Zeus and Sky

Zeus and Sky


After having Rebel for nine months we heard about a pedigree German Shepherd that was in need of re-homing. Sky then became our first pedigree, Kc registered dog. We went to have a look at her and when we got there I fell in love with her. She is a lovely bitch and was only nine months when we got her so she still chewed a little. Don't they all!! She got on well with Rebel and was used to kids so we bought her home. She grew up to be a loving dog and she was as soft as can be with the children. She was a big girl, but she was our gentle giant. She was again great with children which was handy when Daniel learnt to crawl!! She was also the best mum to her three litters of pups that you could ask for. She whelped well, no fussing and once they were all here she would look after them perfectly right up until they went to their new homes. The only thing that ever used to bother her was when they would try and feed from her after about 5 weeks, she had had enough by then!! We did take the tough decision to rehome her though when she was six so that she could retire in peace. We managed to find her a farm with plenty of room and others dogs to play with.

Photo of Sky



Our first ever dog together was Rebel he was a rescued cross German Shepherd. He was a great dog, very black and very loving to those he knew. He was a lovely dog and he was very good with the baby (Daniel) that we had six months after he joined us. Rebel had a few problems when he came to us and although we managed to iron out most of them he still had a problem with barking. Unfortunately this meant that when we moved to our current house Rebel didn't settle very well, due to having people walking around the front and back of the property and he spent a lot of time barking. In the end we decided to re-home him to someone that lived in a quieter area. Unfortunately we don't have any photos of Rebel that will scan clearly onto the computer.