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Photo of Nathan and Daniel with two Natradan puppies

Nathan and Daniel with two Natradan puppies

Welcome to our web site. We are German Shepherd Breeders in the UK. We are located in Blackpool, England and we have been breeding since 2000. Rather than going into showing or working our dogs, we decided that we wanted to concentrate on rearing stunning puppies with as many of the great German Shepherd qualities as possible. With seven years experience in breeding GSD's we have a sound knowledge of the genetic conditions found within the breed, such as hip dysplasia. We also have a profound understanding of the character faults that should not be found within the breed such as nervousness, over-aggressiveness and shyness. We strive to ensure that the puppies we breed have as little chance as possible of developing any of these genetic conditions or character traits. It is our priority to produce puppies that have amazing temperaments, are confident, bold and friendly without being nervous or aggressive. Our litters to date have shown that we have succeeded in our aims and we are proud to have bred such wonderful dogs that are not only beautiful, but are also of sound mind and body. We rear our pups in a home environment surrounded by children of various ages and they grow used to general household activities very quickly, such as the use of a washing machine, vacuuming, and television noise. We may go into showing once the children are a little older, but for now we are dedicated to maintaining the remarkable standard that we have previously achieved. For more information about us as a family and our beautiful dogs please visit the About Us page.

We would really appreciate it if you could visit the animal rescue site, as every time someone clicks on the "Click here - it's FREE!" button at the site over half a bowl of food gets donated to an animal shelter. You can only donate once per day but best of all - it's free!

Photo of Zeus, Nathan, Daniel and Sky

From left to right : Zeus, Nathan, Daniel and Sky

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